Managing Personal Finance
(Business English)


  • 1 Day

Target Population

  • Any person who needs to learn the life skill of managing personal finance


This is a very basic program and can easily be conducted for person with low literacy levels. It can just as easily for more advanced persons who lack the same skills.

Main Content Areas

  • The importance of taking ownership of ones own financial position
    • Goal setting and control
  • Understanding the importance of simple cash flow
  • Developing a simple personal budget
    • Clarifying exact income
    • Prioritising expenditure
    • Projecting expenditure and cash flow over a full 12 month cycle
  • The importance of saving
    • Why is it important?
    • Developing the discipline
  • The debt burden
    • Understanding debt and its impact
    • Dangerous pitfalls
    • Golden rules of managing debt
    • Good habits for personal wealth


  • In House Certificate