Industrial Relations for Line Managers
(Non – Accredited)


  • 2 Days

Target Population

  • Supervisors
  • Junior and Senior Managers
  • Employees who are responsible for carrying out discipline
  • Complainants and investigators



To ensure line managers have sufficient knowledge about disciplinary procedures. To familiarise learners with
the basics of the legislation affecting their work environment.

To demonstrate their ability to apply this knowledge through role-plays and completing an assessment

Main Content Areas

  • Define Industrial Relations
  • Identify the participants in Labour Relations
  • List the relevant acts that influence the Employment Relationship
  • Define the term Discipline
  • Explain the role of line managers in discipline
  • Give reasons for the need for disciplinary codes and policies
  • Explain the different forms and groups of discipline
  • List the different role players and their duties in a disciplinary enquiry
  • Conduct an investigation
  • Formulate a charge, opening statement and closing statement
  • Issue a notice and explain the rights of the accused
  • Take statements from witness
  • Question and cross question witnesses


  • In House Certificate