Fundamentals of Economics & Business Finance


  • 2 Days

Target Population

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Trade union negotiators
  • Any person who needs to have a sound working knowledge of basic economics and business finance


This forms one of the modules of the Junior Leadership programme.

Main Content Areas

  • Overall business objectives
  • Fundamentals of economics
    • What is an economy?
    • According to what rules does an economy operate?
      • Fiscal and Monetary policy
    • Levels of economies
    • Types of economies
    • How is the strength of an economy measured?
      • GDP and other critical indicators
      • Interest rates & the money lending process
      • Inflation
    • Factors or drivers influencing the strength of an economy
    • How does an economy create its wealth?
    • Characteristics of healthy economies
  • Fundamentals of Business Finance
    • Types of companies
    • Why do companies exist?
    • Financial structures of companies


  • In House Certificate