Maintenance Planning and Scheduling


  • 4 Days


  • What maintenance actually is and why it is becoming so important
  • Failure behavior – What we mean by failure, what causes early life failure and the different patterns for end of life failure
  • Definition of potential failure and how they can be used for planned maintenance
  • Using the RCM decision tree
  • Determining the optimum maintenance tactics and associated tasks
  • Using an FMEA to develop preventive and predictive maintenance tasks
  • Determining all the resources required to carry out the task and estimating the cost
  • Calculating the long-term capacity requirements and determining the short-term manpower capacity available
  • Determining the priority of jobs and scheduling with the available manpower capacity
  • Defining maintenance tasks and the documentation to communicate these and the optimum flow of information and developing a comprehensive system
  • Whether the shutdown is planned for a few hours or a few weeks, effective planning can save us substantial time and money
  • What are the different parties involved and what should a maintenance planner’s job description look like