Tower Cranes (Novices)
SAQA US ID 116255

Learners per Program

  • 1 – 4 (4 maximum)


  • Novice (5 Days)
  • Refresher (1 Day)


This program was developed to train the Operator to be able to operate the Overhead crane correctly and safely and to understand the functions, as prescribed by the National Code of Practise – OSH Act, 1993 Act No. 85,Driven Machine Regulation 18 (11)

  • Client to supply Load Test Certificate for particular machine, when customer onsite training commences

Entrance Requirements for (Novice) Learners

  • Certified copy of the learner National Identity Document
  • Learners must be a minimum of 18 (Eighteen) years of age at the start of the learning program
  • Learners must be physically capable of performing without difficulty at the tasks associated with and Involved in operating the lifting machine
  • A declaration of the employer confirming that the learner is physically and psychologically fit to undergo the intended training
  • A medical certificate issued by an Occupational Health Practitioner confirming the physical, Psychological and medical fitness of the learner
  • An optometrist certificate confirming the learner has adequate day and night vision (E.G. Purdue University Standard Vision Test No 3) or valid Professional Drivers Permit can be accepted in lieu of the optometrist certificate (Refer to Government Gazette No 27292)
  • Possession and wearing of the personal protective equipment as prescribed by the employer in terms of the General Safety Regulation 2 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • A General Education and Training Certificate Grade 9 (Standard 7) or NQF Level 2 or equivalent

Entrance Requirements for (Refresher) Re-Certification Learners

All requirements for novice learners excluding the General Education and Training Certificate Grade 9 and the following:

  • A valid operator’s certificate about to expire or have not expired more than 90 (ninety) days prior to the commencement of the refresher learning program
  • Appropriate license for particular vehicle, if he travels on road with tower crane

Learner Program Content

Novice training

  • Operate the crane in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the site specific lifting plan
  • The lifting team
  • Responsibilities of the principal contractor (Site)
  • Responsibilities of the crane operator
  • Operator qualifications and health
  • Resolution of issues on site
  • Lifting operations
  • Wind and taking the crane out of service
  • Procedures
  • Hand signals
  • Operate the tower crane in hazardous areas and operations which require care like lifting persons and blind lifting
  • Operate a crane in strong winds, rain, lightening and hail with suspended load
  • Jib cranes and extreme care


  • All Novice program content practical – 1 day

Accreditation and Unit Standard for this Program

  • Theoretical assessments = 80% pass rate
  • 2 re-writes allowed per module
  • Practical assessments = Competent or Not Yet Competent
  • If competent a certificate and ID card license will be issued, valid for two years – License Code 32