Earth Moving Mechanic


  • On average 27 Months
  • 10 Months institutional training
  • 15 Months on-the-job
  • 02 Months trade test preparation and Trade test

Entry Requirements

All requirements for learners and the following:

  • Minimum of Grade 12 Maths and Science or Technical N2 Maths and Engineering Science (Minimum of 40% )
  • Candidate will require a full N2 (four subjects) to Qualify for a test


  • Know basic first aid
  • Understand, identify, use and maintain mechanical and electrical hand tools
  • Identify seals and gaskets
  • Identify and use a pedestal grinder
  • Identify, remove and replace keys and locking devices
  • Identify types of bearings and understand bearing construction material
  • Understand diesel engine fundamentals
  • Remove, recondition and assemble an overhead(ohv) cylinder head
  • Understand basic electricity
  • Understand the purpose/application of special tools
  • Understand the principles and operation of a diesel fuel system
  • Understand and test a starter motor
  • Identify, test and apply resistors
  • Understand the principles/details of calibration
  • Understand unit injection systems
  • Understand cooling system fundamentals
  • Understand engine performance and efficiency
  • Identify the names and functions of heavy duty vehicle components
  • Perform a minor service to a heavy duty vehicle
  • Identify fluids and lubricants
  • Understand the basic principles of arc welding
  • Understand the basic principles and terminology relating to oxy-acetylene processes
  • Identify and inspect lifting and moving equipment
  • Remove and replace hdv clutches
  • Understand the operating fundamentals of drive line components
  • Identify the principles, purpose, components and application of pneumatic systems
  • Identify the principles and components of hydraulic systems