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Corporate Offering

Conference facilities from small meeting rooms to large conference venues are available. These facilities are available with full catering facilities. All costs include the use of available audiovisual equipment.

Tariffs and quotations may be obtained by requesting a quotation from the Academy at A consultant will contact you within 48 hours and structure a package for you.


The EBDA personnel consult to internal and external clients on a number of topics that include, but are not limited to, the following:

All SETA matters including:

  • The submission of Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports, and the processing of levies and claims
  • Assessment and moderation
  • EBDA offers a comprehensive service in facilitating in-house accreditation with all of the SETA’s. This includes the design and implementation of Quality Management Systems including the SABS approved ISO9001:2008 standard.
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements
  • Setting up the internal structures and reporting formats to enable the processing of SETA matters
  • Training of Assessors, Moderators and Skills Development Facilitators
  • Registration of learnerships
  • Design and implementation of Quality Management Systems
  • All corporate Employment Equity requirements as per legislative requirements
  • Organisational transformational policies & strategies

All Human Resource Development requirements including:

  • Policy and strategy formulation
  • Setting up monitoring and planning forums and reporting structures
  • Development and implementation of HRD procedures and controls, including personal and departmental development plans
  • Design and implementation of Performance Management Systems
  • General management consulting in areas such as strategic planning and objective setting, team building, diversity management, instilling of corporate value sets, organisational development and change management.
  • Employee Relations matters
  • Worklife coaching and mentoring

Looking for a Training Provider?

EBDA is the leading training provider in Ekurhuleni, South Africa of:

Construction & Portal Skills • Engineering Skills • Operator Licensing
Metallurgical and Minerals Processing Skills • Health & Safety Courses
Adult Basic Education & Training (AET)

Host Engineering Learners

The Ergo Business Development Academy (EBDA) utilises government grants to recruit engineering learners but is in desperate need to identify companies that are willing to host them for the onthe-job/practical component of their training. The duration of an engineering learnership (depending on the trade) is, on average, 27 months where approximately half of that time is spent at the Ergo Business Development Academy (based in Brakpan) and the balance at the host company.

Should you be interested in becoming a host company or require any further information, please contact the Ergo Business Development Academy (EBDA) on (011) 742-1045/51 or via email on or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


There are numerous benefits for participating companies for taking these learners on board, regardless of whether a company is a levypaying institution or not. Some of the benefits for both levy-paying and non-levy paying companies include:


No costs including stipends

Free labour for at least six months of the year which allows the host company to free up its own employees for training purposes or leave
A pool of talent for recruitment purposes as the host company gets first right of refusal to employ the learners it hosts
Learners may be included for purposes of the BEE scorecards and Workplace Skills Plans
Looked at favourably in terms of CSI initiatives
For levy-paying companies, there is the added benefit of grants payable as well as tax benefits due for the hosting of these engineering learners. There are also numerous BEE benefits as mentioned above.
There are a limited number of obligations that a host company needs to endure for hosting learners. These are limited to the following:
A Service Level Agreement (SLA) needs to be drawn up between the host company and the learner whereby both parties agree to:
A mentor/supervisor needs to be appointed to each learner to monitor their learning and sign off logbooks
The host company needs to ensure that the workplace is fit for learning
The host company must be prepared to allow EBDA onto its premises for random monitoring purposes

The learner must agree to adhere to all the host company’s policies and procedures

The host company must allow the SETA onto its premises for random inspections
Optional conditions such as the offering of meal, travel or accommodation subsidies may be agreed to between the learner and the host company with the intention of building a relationship between the two parties
Host company’s workplace must be workplace approved by any SETA. EBDA Client Liaison team can assist with the workplace approval process, where needed.